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Data Centre Serbia for Social Sciences

Institute of Economic Sciences

Qualified Data

DCS collects quantitative and qualitative data sets in a wide range of disciplines of social and human sciences (economics, education, employment and labor, ecology, conservation and land use, health, history, industry and management, law, criminalistics and legal systems, media, communication and languages, political science, psychology, sociology, society and culture, social welfare policies and systems).

DSC accepts for deposit all research data that meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Data provide insight for a better understanding of Serbian society;
  • Serbian researchers are involved in the research process;
  • Data are the result of comparative or continuous research (panel data, longitudinal studies, and time series that allow examination of trends);
  • Data are the result of research with a general interest in social sciences (quality and exemplary studies with high analytical potential) and
  • Data are in the form of time series and panel data of special interest for the scientific community of the Republic of Serbia.

The DSC ensures that the data is collected in compliance with the correct methodology.

The deposited data are stored on a long-term basis unless otherwise required by the depositor, the funding agency, or the national regulations. DCS accepts data and documentation in paper form only under exceptional circumstances.


Institute of Economic Sciences

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