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Institute of Economic Sciences

Data is the new fuel driving the modern society and science. Our mission is to provide Serbia’s social scientists with knowledge, support and reliable data infrastructure for data management and archive, according to the highest standards.

Aleksandra Bradić-Martinović, PhD, Head of DCS

Our data is

Open if possible, protected if necessary.

Data Catalogues

DCS has a collection of research data in the field of social sciences, mostly collected in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. You can access the data through the catalog located at the URL:


Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan (DMP) is an important tool to structure the research data management of your project. All project frameworks in the EU require DMP. We can help develop your plan.


Ethical & Legal Issues

Research data need to be legally and ethically shared, which includes obtaining informed consent from participants, implementing anonymisation and controlling access to data. We will provide you with professional help.


Living and Working in Times of the Coronavirus

WageIndicator is surveying/interviewing people around the world to discover what makes the Coronavirus lockdown easier (or tougher), and what is the COVID-19 effect on our jobs, lives and mood. The results are shown in maps and graphs for 110 countries, updated on a daily basis. The Corona-survey addresses not only changing working conditions and circumstances, it also covers aspects such as the development of the corona-disease given manifest symptoms in individual cases, living and working space at home, family composition, and the impact pets may have on our moods in times of confinement.


Institute of Economic Sciences

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“Step into the future of science with us. Data Centre Serbia for Social Sciences can provide safe long-term preservation for your data. With our support, your data will be visible globally and your research promoted outside the local community.”

Jelena Banović, MA, DCS Coordinator

DCS is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia