Data Centre Serbia

Data Centre Serbia for Social Sciences

Institute of Economic Sciences

Why deposit data?

The data collected in the research or administrative process is a valuable resource that can be used for all future scientific and educational purposes.

Data sharing allows:

  • The stimulation of scientific research
  • Ease of research beyond the original research framework
  • Avoid duplication of data
  • Assisting in the education process
  • New and innovative research built on existing data and enables reliable checking of results

Data storage and sharing in DCS guarantees:

  • Keeping research data in a safe environment
  • Long-term maintenance and support
  • The ability to see your data through an online catalog
  • Copyright management (licensing)
  • Administration of access to data
  • Better visibility and citation and usability of data
  • Manage and control the use of data
  • Promote data to targeted user groups


Institute of Economic Sciences

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